February is Record Month for Calculation Nation
March 1, 2011

Although February had only 28 days, there were more visitors to Calculation Nation last month than during any other month since the launch of the site in April 2009. With 54,673 unique visitors, February eclipsed the previous high total, which was 39,252 visitors in October 2010, by an astounding 39%.

A new one-day record was also established in February. More than 7,000 visitors came to the site on February 4, most of them dropping by to check out the newest release, neXtu.

New Game neXtu Released
February 1, 2011

Calculation Nation citizens have a new game to play. In neXtu, players strategically place geoemtric pieces with point values on the game board to collect more shapes and points than their opponent. It's a capture game that requires basic math skills and plenty of logic.

Want to share neXtu with your friends? Visit the neXtu sharing page to learn how to put the game directly on your blog or website.

Single-Day Visitors Record
March 25, 2010

Calculation Nation received an unprecedented 4,573 visitors today, eclipsing the previous single-day record of 3,666 set just two weeks ago.

New Milestones for the Site
January 3, 2010

Calculation Nation rang in the new year and then passed a huge milestone — early this morning, the site received its 100,000th visitor since its launch in April 2009.

And exactly one month ago, the site set a single-day record when 3,626 visitors logged on to play games on Calculation NationTM.

Two New Games Launched
December 1, 2009

Two new games were launched last month, bringing the total number of games to seven. Dig It allows players to collect jewels by correctly matching fractions to their location on a number line, and Drop Zone requires players to create sums of 1 by combining cyclindrical disks that represent fractions.

Both games have been well received. Dig It received over 8,000 hits in its first three weeks, and Drop Zone received 6,000 hits in the two weeks since it went live.

Two more games — one involving basic algebra and the other linked to probability — will be launched in early 2010. Stay tuned!

Host a Game Night at Your School
August 20, 2009

Let friends, students, and colleagues know about the fun that awaits them at Calculation NationTM — host a game night! You can post the game night flier throughout your school to let participants know about the time and location. (A black-and-white version is available here.)

In addition, you can let your students, friends, and colleagues know about Calculation NationTM by proudly displaying one of the following Calcuation Nation posters: Stars, Reminders, or Bubbles.

More Than 1,000 Players Visit Calcuation Nation in a Single Day
June 5, 2009

Yesterday, 1,033 players challenged themselves and others at Calculation NationTM, the first time that the number of visitors in a single day reached four digits. The total set a new single day record, eclipsing the previous single-day total by 27%.

Calculation NationTM was developed as part of the NCTM Illuminations project and released at the 2009 NCTM Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. Since its release on April 22, 2009, over 11,000 players have registered.

Illuminations Launches Online Math Game Room for Students
April 22, 2009

5… 4… 3… 2… 1… we have lift-off!

Calculation Nation, an online world of math strategy games, was officially launched on Thursday, April 23, 2009. It was unveiled to math teachers during the 2009 NCTM Annual Meeting in Washington, DC. NCTM Executive Director Jim Rubillo challenged a seventh‑grade student from the DC Public Schools in the first game ever on the site.

Developed as a resource for the NCTM Illuminations project, Calculation Nation uses the power of the Web to let students challenge opponents from anywhere in the world. Players compete in online games that require math and strategy.

In the game of Factor Dazzle, for example, one player chooses a number and the other earns points by identifying all of its factors. “This game is awesome,” said seventh‑grader Lexi Hughes. “It’s dazzle‑icious!” When playing the highly addictive Slam Ball, students use their knowledge of symmetry and angles to earn points by capturing tokens on a grid.

“The games on Calculation Nation provide an entertaining environment where students can explore rich mathematics,” said Jim Rubillo, Executive Director at NCTM. “Through these games, students are exposed to the same mathematical topics that they see in class as well as those that are recommended in Curriculum Focal Points.” Links for parents and educators on Calculation Nation provide guidance about how to help kids uncover the math in the games.

The games are designed for kids of all ages, but the five games in the initial release feature content from upper elementary and middle school mathematics. “Video games are a popular and influential medium, especially for tweeners,” said Patrick Vennebush, Online Projects Manager at NCTM.

The NCTM Illuminations website offers Standards-based resources that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics for all students. Its materials illuminate the vision for school mathematics set forth in NCTM’s Principles and Standards for School Mathematics and Curriculum Focal Points. Illuminations is also part of, a comprehensive educational website funded by the Verizon Foundation to provide free educational resources to parents, teachers, and students.